Advancing Your Career by Seeing the Good Within the Bad

One of the biggest and best moves I made in my career didn’t happen because of my company’s positive traits. It happened based on the problems and obstacles it was facing. The company had a lot of smart engineers working for them and amazing solutions, but they were very bad at explaining what they did. … Continue reading “Advancing Your Career by Seeing the Good Within the Bad”

Why Worry?

  When I was in Grade 12, a priest spoke at my graduation, and I loved the poem he shared with us, so I decided to steal it for my blog. Stealing from a priest- is that a double sin? Either way, it’s called “Why Worry” and here it is: Why Worry – An Irish … Continue reading “Why Worry?”

Hugicidal Rampage Day

I decided to invent my own holiday- from this day forward, March 13th will officially be known as Hugicidal Rampage Day. To celebrate, I bought the URL and I even got a fake newscast, because everyone loves fake news. I was inspired by the Phil Dunphy character on Modern Family when he talked about … Continue reading “Hugicidal Rampage Day”

Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day so I wrote this poem called “They Are.” It’s dedicated to all the special women in my life. “They Are” They are strong, beautiful, gentle, fierce, smart, silly, funny, serious, vulnerable, powerful, caring, dangerous, simple, complicated, soft, tough, leaders, companions, peacekeepers, warriors, fighters, lovers. They are friends, coworkers, sisters, … Continue reading “Celebrating International Women’s Day”

Picking Your Valentine

With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I thought I would write about picking the right partner. When I was younger, my parents would always tell me that it’s important to marry a girl with the same religious and cultural background (Catholic and Croatian) and that she should come from a good family. The fact that Patty’s … Continue reading “Picking Your Valentine”