Happy National Pet Day!

I remember begging my parents for a pet. I wanted one for so long I didn’t care what kind of animal it was.

Then one day I came downstairs and saw a duck walking around our house. I was so happy I remember telling my sisters, “Hey, mom and dad got us a duck!” But they weren’t happy at all because they were smart enough to know that the duck wasn’t a pet all- it was our eventual dinner.

Most kids complained about not going to nice restaurants, I would’ve been happy if my parents just took me to a grocery store. If it wasn’t grown in our garden or killed in our garage, we didn’t eat it.

I eventually gave up on the idea of ever having a pet- and especially ever getting too attached to one. I even told myself I wasn’t into pets. I thought this until many years later when my wife brought Toby home and it was love at first sight.

To all the pet lovers out there, Happy National Pet Day!