Kindness Isn’t Weakness

When I was a kid, I heard an amazing story that really taught me a lot about life. It was called the North Wind and the Sun and in it the Sun and the North Wind decided to have a bet to see who was the greatest power in the universe.

They looked around to find something they could test their strength on. Below them was a man traveling through the mountains. He was wearing a heavy coat.

The Sun and the North Wind decided that the winner would be the first one who could get the man’s coat off. As a kid, I was like, “There’s no way the Sun is going to win this! The North Wind is going to blow that coat right off the traveling man!”

The North Wind went first, blowing with all his might. He blew the guy’s hat off and really gave the coat a good shake, but the stronger he blew, the tighter the man held onto his coat and then eventually he buttoned up the coat completely. Finally exhausted, the North Wind gave up.

I thought, “If the North Wind couldn’t do it, there’s no way the Sun can.”

But, beaming a friendly smile of warmth, the Sun got the traveling man to immediately take off his coat and enjoy the sunlight.

Sometimes we feel the only way to get what we want is to be like the North Wind and use pure strength and aggression. But when dealing with people, that strategy only makes it harder to get what you want. But, if you’re like the Sun, being warm and smiley will be so much more effective. So remember, kindness isn’t weakness. It’s the greatest power in the universe!