May the odds be ever in your favor!

I’ve always been a chatter box and never had a problem talking to people, and I think because of that people feel comfortable talking to me (when they’re not annoyed by me talking too much). I’ll talk to anyone- family, friends, strangers.
People tell me about the good things in their life and the bad. Every now and then when someone is telling me about something particularly difficult, they’ll tell me how the odds of them making it through what they’re trying to make it through are seemingly impossible, so much so that they need a miracle. I’ve certainly felt that many times myself. But when I’m feeling like that I take great comfort in knowing that scientists estimate the probability of our being born at about one in 400 trillion (google it, it’s a real thing). And I guarantee you that whatever amazing odds you think you need to get yourself out of whatever impossible situation you think you’re in is way lay less incredible than the amazing odds you needed to be born.
You can do this, you’ve been through worse. You don’t need a miracle, you are the miracle!