One Person Can Change the World

I’ve heard so many people say that our world, universe, galaxy, whatever is just too big, too big for one person to make a difference. I completely disagree with that and I can prove it.

They say that math is the universal language, so let’s do some math to help me make a point here. I want you to picture the biggest number you can think of, a number so big that there is no name for it. Let’s say it starts with the number 1 and has truck loads of zeros, so many zeros that it fills an entire building. Now, let’s say I have an incredibly powerful calculator that can work with that number and I add or subtract the number 1 to this impossibly large number. What happens? Well, that depends, the impossibly large number will either turn into a bunch of nines, or it will turn into a 1 with a bunch of zeros in between followed by another 1. Even though the answer is different whether you add or subtract the number 1, there is something that remains the same in either case and that is change.

In other words, there is no number that is so impossibly large that it is not affected by one. One does matter, one can change many, one can make a difference.

If you can change just one person for the better, even if that one person is only you, the world is one person better than it was before. Change one person, change the world. You have that power because you are awesome!