Sometimes You Need to be Your Own MC

The best communication tip I will give you is to not be afraid to promote yourself.

When people are about to present, they often downplay what they’re going to do. They may say something like, “I’m kinda sick. I have a cold, so this won’t be my best” or “I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, so I apologize in advance.” The theory behind this tactic is to under-promise and hopefully over-deliver. The presenter could just as well be thinking to themselves, “If I tell everyone I am a terrible speaker, all I have to do is not pass out and they’ll be impressed.”

Here’s the problem with that: The under-promise, over-deliver way of thinking only works when you are talking about quantifiable facts, things like dates or money. However, in something like a presentation where your audience’s feelings and emotions come into play and can’t be quantified, the mood you set helps to determine the outcome.  When you downplay yourself before you start your message, you are immediately downplaying the mood for the audience and you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Think about the last time you were at a concert or a sporting event. What did the MC say before the event started? Did he apologize and tell the audience that the event won’t be that good because the team or rock star is tired? Or did the MC scream into the microphone, “This is going to be greatest night of your life!”? The MC gets the audience to where they need to be and makes it easier on the entertainer.

When it comes to presentations or any sort of message, do not be afraid to be your own MC. Tell people you are awesome, tell people you are going to be awesome, and they will see you as awesome because you are awesome!