The Benefits of Struggle

It’s been said that the hardest struggle faced is the caterpillar’s struggle to break free from its cocoon. If someone was to see this struggle happening, they may want to help out and cut the cocoon to free the young butterfly. But if that was to happen, the butterfly’s wings wouldn’t be strong enough and it wouldn’t survive.

Struggle is nature’s way of preparing us for what’s coming. Pretty deep, eh?! I got it from an episode of Lost, but if anyone asks, we’ll say it came to me on a mountain top while I was helping a goat deliver its baby.

Anyway, regardless of where it came from, it speaks to an important life lesson- struggle doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. If we approach life with this attitude, it’ll help us deal with many of the things that are come our way. Find out what that good is and focus on it until you get through the bad.