Welcome to Awesome at Being Awesome

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Danny Pehar

Hi guys,

I want to welcome you all to my brand-spanking new blog. I plan to cover a wide range of topics, focusing mainly on those areas that will bring you maximum awesomeness like how to better your relationships, get along better with the boss and get along better with YOURSELF! Together, we’ll learn to do an awesome amount of awesome things.

As the pie chart below demonstrates, studies show that with continued use of this site, levels of awesomeness will increase while levels of non-awesomeness will decrease.


But it’s not all about me. Share with me your knowledge on all things awesome, whether it be a helpful tip or a cool photo, video or article. As the chart below demonstrates, by doing this, we forecast taking the world from Awesome, to Awesomer to Awesomeist!


This is a very important chart and, more importantly, very real! Also, awesome. Very awesome!